Who Else Wants Financially Independent Kids?

How to Start YOUR Kids on Their Path to Financial Success



We all want the best for our kids. We want them to grow up to be happy, and we want them to be financially independent. Many of us want to help them avoid making the same mistakes we made. And we have so many demands on our time and attention.

Between work, family, and trying to find a few moments for ourselves, the last thing we want to do is figure out how to teach our kids about money and personal finance. But we also know it's something that needs to be done. 







Has teaching your kid(s) about money been on your mind? For how long? 

Odds are, you've realized they're not going to teach this stuff in school, so if your children are going to learn about it, they're going to learn about it at home. 

Are you in a position to teach them? 





I want to help

I know how difficult being a parent is. I know how much we love our kids. And I know how to help you teach your kids everything they need to know about money and personal finance. 
I've created a step-by-step process for doing exactly that. In this course, you will:
  • Learn fundamental concepts. Personal finance can be complex and intimidating. I've simplified and distilled down everything your kids need to know in the areas of cash flow, budgeting, saving and investing, credit, and taxes. 
  • When to introduce different skills. You'll learn when your kids will be ready to learn new financial lessons at each stage of their development. 
  • Career development. You'll learn how to help your kids explore and pursue meaningful and lucrative work, as well as entrepreneurship.
  • Giving. You want your kids to be kind and generous. You'll learn how to teach your kids about making an impact in their communities. 



But this won't help everyone...


It takes a committed parent in order to follow my step-by-step process. 

If that’s you, great! If it’s not, no problem.

Perhaps your kid will figure it out on their own. 



Another thing...


If you’re looking for a traditional, buttoned up financial character in a suit and tie, I’m not the right person for you. But if you mostly want an approachable, genuine person who cares deeply about the people he serves, we’ll get along great.





From our students


“George is an easy-going, caring person. His experience helps him explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand way.” 

Omar and Monica


“George is great at meeting you where you are. He’s helped us teach our kids and hopefully they won't make the same mistakes we made.”

Sara Jane and Lane


“This course helped us a ton. We couldn’t be happier.”

Greg and Erica





How much does it cost? 


A $100 one-time payment gets you lifetime access to the course and all updates.


How do I know if the course will work for me?


If you follow the steps, you’ll get confidently teach your kids what they need to get started on the path to financial success. If you don’t, it may not work for you.


Do I need to be good with money and understand personal finance? 


No. The course is designed so anyone can complete it and teach their kids. 


What if I get stuck and can’t figure something out? 


You can attend our monthly Office Hours sessions and get any question answered. Also, we love communicating with our students, so you can reach out anytime. We also have an exclusive and supportive online community where you can always get your questions answered.  



Imagine your child at 25 years old...


First imagine if they had learned the importance of saving and investing, how to put together a personal budget, and how to manage credit and avoid debt. 

Next, imagine if they hadn't. 

You're in a position to help your children learn about money. You're in a position to get them started on their path to financial independence and success. Are you ready to accept that responsibility? 





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A 20 year finance industry veteran, podcaster, writer and speaker, George is working to help people get better at money and life how they want.  

He spent 10 years with a Fortune 100 company as an advisor and in leadership positions where he impacted thousands of people and developed training curriculums. He's the President of Financial Consulting Professionals, the Founder and Chief Community Officer of Money Alignment Academy and the host of the LifeBlood podcast.

George is honored to have been named to Investopedia's list of the Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors many years in a row.  He is husband to Emilie and dad to James and Jack.






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